Dusty and Treasure

Running time 30 minutes. Written and created by Miss Pussycat. Starring Dusty and Treasure with celebrity voicings by Sherriff Harry Lee as the evil virus, Chris Rose as a Dog, Bunny Matthews as Dusty the Nutria, Rio Hackford as Mr. Fiddle, and many many more! Shot and Directed by Rick Delaup who also direceted Quintron's DRUM BUDDY INFOMERCIAL. Edited by Tim Watson. This program airs every Christmas Season in New Orleans on Cox Channel 10.


New Orleans Nutrias, Dusty and Treasure, win a vacation package to the North Pole - now a tourist destination built up as a Vegas-Style villiage. They enjoy a complimentary suite in the famed Ice Cave Hotel. The orange-toothed couple are even treated to a free musical extravaganza hosted by Santa Clause (played by Al Scramuzza). Is this free dream vacation too good to be true?? Dusty and Treasure discover the real reason they were called out to Santa's winter wonderland. A nasty, but musically inclined Virus (voice of Sherriff Harry Lee) has been destroying all the toys in Santa's workshop. Do Dusty and Treasure unknowingly have the antidote to destroy the virus and keep Santa's annual Christmas Eve trip out of peril?

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